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I’ve built the most trusted brand in data science and machine learning around the concepts of simplicity and profitability. Startups to the Fortune 100 have come to trust me because of that philosophy and a track record of delivering solutions with a direct impact on their bottom line. I’m followed by Walmart, Accenture, Microsoft, IBM, and may other industry leaders. I’ve been recognized by Agilience, Dataconomy, and Onalytica as a thought leader in predictive analytics and machine learning.

My specialties are machine learning products for advanced use cases and data driven business strategy. The highest ROI applications of machine learning are in the realm of business strategy. The ability to see a step ahead of the competition is the ability to stay one step ahead of the competition. I excel in teaching businesses to augment their strategy planning process with machine learning based, predictive solutions.

V-Squared is an extension of my personal consulting practice. I’m involved with every client from start to finish and I’ve built an amazing team of professionals just as committed to their success as I am. We’re small and intend to stay that way. We focus on helping companies build machine learning and data science capabilities as well as the strategy and processes necessary to make those initiatives a success.

Branding & Marketing For Machine Learning:

Is your business or startup looking for an effective way to market your data science or machine learning products? Do you have a convention or corporate event that needs the attention of the machine learning community? I am a recognized, trusted influencer. My social media feeds get 150K-250K views a month. My posts and content are seen by thousands of professionals in your target audience. You can leverage my brand and reach. It’s a low cost, hyper-targeted, high perception impact benefit to your business.


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