Creating The Four Major Roadmaps

There are four Roadmaps which provide clarity on the business’s AI transformation journey.

  • Product
  • Technology
  • Capabilities
  • Organizational Buildout
  • Each roadmap is driven by the value stream creating a connection between core strategy and execution. Business goals drive technology, talent, and timelines.

  • The Product Roadmap creates direction for efficiency and revenue generating projects.
  • The Technology Roadmap defines the infrastructure required to support the Product Roadmap.
  • The Capabilities Roadmap defines the people required to support the Product Roadmap.
  • The Organizational Buildout Roadmap defines roles and hiring plan for the D&A Organization.
  • Together, all four Roadmaps build a bridge between Strategy and Execution. Senior Leadership manages the AI Value Stream without getting pulled into the workflow or technology stack.

    What I Do

  • Build Out The Product, Technology, Capabilities, and Organizational Roadmaps