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5 Questions To Build Your AI Product Strategy Around

AI product strategy is responsible for turning a business’s vision for AI into a roadmap that leads to products/services with bottom line impacts. Product strategy is an obvious need, but traditional approaches don’t work on their own. Data science and machine learning projects require new gates and processes, or they go off the rails. I […]

What Does Usability Mean For AI Based Products?

Models are built to predict outcomes. When we’re building these models, we look at accuracy measures. We optimize performance. We often quantify the users’ expectations in these terms: speed and reliability. That’s too simplistic of a view. Those are important model measures but they’re often just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to […]

How To Tell The Difference Between An AI Opportunity And An AI Money Pit

I’ve built a business model around natural language systems, industry first features with computer vision, and improved margins with dynamic pricing models. There are huge opportunities in AI and equally large money pits. Knowing the difference between what Stanford is developing and what your competitors are developing takes leadership. 95% of what is out there […]

The Essentials Of Data Science Leadership – Why & How From Someone Who’s Built & Led Data Science Teams

Without strong leaders, data science teams fail to thrive. Their projects are selected haphazardly. They aren’t accountable for results with positive business impact. Lack of leadership is a big part of why data science teams return in the 0X to 5X range instead of reaching their full potential of 25X to 100X. Study data science […]

This Week’s BS In Data Science – #BSinDS

I saw an ad for a data science certification that said, “I became a machine learning expert in 10 months.” That’s BS. Boot camps, certifications, and online programs are a great for a number of different uses. They can round out your data science training, kick off your journey, or help you transition into data […]